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“If in our daily life we can smile, if we can be peaceful and happy, not only we but everyone will profit from it. This is the most basic kind of peace work”

Thich Nhat Hanh

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On completion of my training as a Breathworks accredited teacher I decided to create an online mindfulness community (Sangha) for anybody who is interested in mindfulness, meditation or personal development. Initially I offered this space to family, friends and people I know but I have now expanded it to provide an accessible, supportive and welcoming environment to clients, colleagues, other professionals and the public.

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My online mindfulness community has three main aims:

1. To provide an accessible, supportive and welcoming space for anybody interested in mindfulness, meditation or personal development.
2. To teach mindfulness inclusively, to participants of all abilities, in ways that are consistent with the Breathworks ethos and approach.
3. To empower community members to develop self-awareness, self-care and self-compassion, skills and techniques to improve their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

There are several ways you can choose to access my online mindfulness community:

Firstly, I have an email discussion list offering you regular updates about all the latest news about my upcoming courses, events and workshops and what’s going on in the community in general.

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We’re also on social media…

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Live Fortnightly Community Practice Sessions

In my online mindfulness community I host regular fortnightly practice sessions which take place on Fridays at 11am.

These fortnightly online sessions, which normally last one hour, are suitable for people of all abilities and meditation experience and are free to anyone who chooses to access my community. As I’m aware that people like to access training and resources through a variety of media, I alternate between hosting Facebook Live events and Zoom practice sessions. As some community members may not use social media this gives everyone the opportunity to attend and participate.

Each session consists of a short talk, guided meditation, self-reflection exercises and the opportunity for group discussion. All sessions are recorded and the links to audio and video recordings are usually posted to the email list and social media shortly after the session has ended. Please be aware that to promote an atmosphere of safety and confidentiality and to encourage full participation I only record myself during the sessions and always pause the recording whenever participants contribute.

All recordings of my community practice sessions are freely available on this page. To watch or listen back to the Facebook live sessions or to hear all previous Zoom sessions please select the year and scroll down to click on the recording links.

Welcome to Community

Fri 01.10.21

Facebook Live Video (40:01)
Audio (40:01)

Fri 15.10.21

Zoom Audio (31:53)

Exploring Sense of Touch

Fri 29.10.21

Facebook Live Video (37:06)
Audio (37:06)

The Importance of Breathing

Fri 12.11.21

Zoom Audio (35:21)

7 Ways to Have a Mindful Christmas and New Year

Fri 03.12.21

Facebook Live Video (41:29)
Audio (41:29)

Practising Gratitude

Fri 17.12.21

Zoom Audio (37:15)

Making Mindfulness Your New Year Intention


Facebook Live Video (42:54)
Audio (42:54)

Understanding Your Habits and Habit Loops

Fri 28.01.22

Zoom Audio (45:53)

An Introduction to Metta Meditation

Fri 18.02.22

Facebook Live Video (49:50)
Audio (49:50)

What is Self-Compassion?

Fri 04.03.22

Zoom Audio (46:47)

Understanding and Working with Shame

Fri 18.03.22

Facebook Live Video (51:15)
Audio (51:15)

Insomnia and The Benefits of Meditation for Sleep

Fri 01.04.22

Zoom Audio (46:44)

How Mindfulness Can Help with Anger Management

Fri 29.04.22

Facebook Live Video (55:51)
Audio (55:51)

Understanding Loneliness

Fri 13.05.22

Zoom Audio (44:59)

Using Different Meditation Anchors

Fri 27.05.22

Facebook Live Video (54:31)
Audio (54:31)

Mindfulness in Nature

Fri 10.06.22

Zoom Audio (55:31)
Audio (54:31)

Mindfulness and Intuition

Tues 05.07.22

Facebook Live Video (55:07)
Audio (48:09)

Frequently Asked Questions About Mindfulness

Fri 15.07.22

Zoom Audio (51:42)

The Three Elements of Self-Compassion

Fri 30.09.22

Facebook Live Video (103:44)
Zoom Audio (103:44)

The Paradox of Meditation

Fri 28.10.22

Facebook Live Video (54:25)
Zoom Audio (54:25)

What is Laughter Meditation?

Fri 02.12.22

Facebook Live Video (52:37)
Zoom Audio (52:37)

The Cost of Living and Your Mental Health

Fri 27.01.23

Facebook Live Video (106:29)
Zoom Audio (52:37)

Dana (Making a donation)

While the mindfulness work I do as an accredited teacher forms part of my income and I charge for participants to attend my longer eight week courses, workshops and retreats, it is also really important to me that I can continue to offer my community practice sessions as well as some other events throughout the year completely free of charge based on the Buddhist tradition of Dana.

Dana is a Pali word that means “generosity of heart” or “giving freely” and its practice has played a central role throughout Buddhism’s history. Please know that any little amount you can give is much appreciated and really does help me to continue doing the work I do on a daily basis. Your generosity is a gift that will support your own practice and will enable me to offer the practice of mindfulness to this community and beyond.

Donations can be made by most credit or debit cards. I use PayPal for these secure transactions. If you would like to make a donation please click on the PayPal “Make a Donation” button that appears below. You will be taken to my account on PayPal’s secure server and be able to choose to give any amount via your credit or debit card.

Alternatively, if you would prefer, you can make a donation via bank transfer to the following account:

Name: Mr Martin P Rigby (Martin Rigby Counselling)
Account No.: 17006660
Sort Code: 77-26-18
Reference: Your name to help me identify and track your payment

“I’m not here to give direct advice or judge you.”

Remember my door is always open

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